Mt Adams welcomes the Midnight Riders 4-H Club, again!

midnight riders 4-h

The Midnight Riders 4-H Club, based in Trout Lake, WA, is again signed up to do manure removal services for the Mt Adams Ride.

This is my annual plea to our riders! Please bring cash to give these kids!! They work their tails off on Sunday, cleaning up camp after everyone leaves. They spend most of the day there, working hard. Their club leader, Wendy Schmid, runs the bobcat, the kids use quads and trailers to bring the manure to a central area and it all gets loaded in a trailer and proceeds to fertilize Wendy’s hayfield (I think!).

What I know is this…it’s a ton of work! They break for lunch and go at it again.

The money they raise allows them to attend 4-H events that they ordinarily wouldn’t get to attend, as small town 4-H kids with a limited budget. Horse Congress, fair, the gamut. Please donate generously to these hard working kids! They will have a box or jug at the registration table in Anna’s trailer, and that will be moved to the table we give awards out from on Sunday morning.

Thank you!

Darlene, et al


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