Mt Adams Update – 5/14/16


Hope everyone is as excited as we are for the 2016 Mt Adams Ride!

Max and I are headed up to ridecamp today (5/14). If you need to get a hold of me, for any reason, please text me, 360-433-5772. Phone calls are spotty up there, but texts come and go very well. Emails also:

I will do my best to update this website frequently with trail updates and any necessary information that riders/crews may need. The website is set to update the Mt Adams Facebook page.

Early rider arrivals are ok, we’ll have water set out in camp maybe on Weds, for sure on Thurs. Depends on if anyone shows up that needs it.

Registration questions can be directed to Anna Sampson,

Pre-registration is not necessary for any distance but the 100, but if you want to pre-register, that’s ok with us too! Contact Anna.

If you’re planning to ride the 100, please get your rider/horse information sent to Anna asap. We are making special awards for the 100’s so it’s critical that we have an accurate head count! So far it’s looking like we have upwards of 23 riders on the 100!

Ok, we’re hitting the road, from Central Oregon to Trout Lake, WA. Looks like a little gypsy caravan going down the road! Safe travels to all! Can’t wait to see everyone there!

Darlene & Max,

Your humble Mt Adams RM’s



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